Monday, 21 February 2011

Evaluation 4

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.

In the beginning of the project my group and me constructed the idea of the time lapse by watching music video's are teachers gave us on YouTube one of our biggest influences was the time lapses in Ray of light by Madonna, we also used music channels such as mtv to try to get an influence for our video, the internet also helped because we got images of what we thought would work in our video and put it on our mood board this really helped construct and give us an idea of what we were going for so the internet and T.V were really helpful in the construction of our music video.

During the reasearch stages of the music video project the internet was a very useful new media, for instance youtube allowed us to listen to our song and create ides around it, we also reasearched a lot around music video's webiste such as using wikepedia and imdb to look into what music video directors have done what and who for, i used the internet such as wikipedia and imdb again for my artist reasearch where i did a case study on eminem. Another reason the internet was so useful was because we were able to look into music company's background such as the rough trade and sony bgm company this also allowed us to fufill posts on our blogs about music video company's. We also used youtube converter to covert our song so we can listen to it and storeyboard it so it would be easier to do, while reasearching and storyboarding we also used a camera to take images of our storeyboard then upload them to i-movie so we could watch the storyboard which was extremely useful. Another thing we used on the internet which was useful to document our reasearch was blogspot which is very useful.

During filming we used many new technologies such as an i phone 4 for its hd camera which we took photo's of our props and sets which was really useful in documenting our filming, anotherthing we used which helped with the mise-en-scene was a smoke machine and lights that you would find in a club which helped develop our set into a pretend club, the technology that was the most important was the HD camera we used that made our timelapses look very crisp and smooth and worked really well, without these small things on the day of shhoting we would have struggled greatly one last thing we used was an Ipod and speakers so our actor could lyp sync which was useful.

During the editing of the film the technologies we used were the apple computers which were useful as they run the proggrames fast that we needed to edit with also we used the proggrame final cut pro to edit which we used very sucessfully it was very useful as we could edit our film almost to a proffesional standerd another proggrame that helped even know it was not useful for editing was photoshop which was useful in creating my digipack and poster.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Evaluation 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback

When we initially showed our rough cut for a crit of our music video we had done the majority of it the anything we had not done at that point was the time lapse of a car so we added a YouTube clip of one to show what it would be like. In the crit we had our class the head of 6th form Miss Beer and our teacher Miss Whitaker they all agreed that our music video was extremely creative and very good, they also agreed that the music and the video were worked really well, Miss Beer was very pleased with it and called us very creative and our video was one of the best she had seen at that point, the criticisms they had was that one part of the video was out of sync but that was because of the programme we had to export it with and everyone understood that after we told them. The other criticism was that we needed to film the last part of the film which we knew and also that we had to many tile effects that did look good and not enough of the women singing which we understood. Overll i feel that the crit helped develop our final product and made it look really good i think without the groups comments we would have had to many effects and the video would have looked extremly linear where as now it looks very attractive and every scen is uniqe. However i think the video helped more than the crit with my digipack and poster to be honest.

The internet has been really helpful with audience feedback websites such as facebook and youtube is where we put our video's and we got a lot of posssotive audience feed back. for instance many of the comments were generally the same they all were like "Great work the video looks really good" or "This is amazing you have obviously worked really hard" however there were some negative comments such as "Parts of the video are out of sync" which we rectified straight away as its important to us however more people seemed to like our video rather than comment which was annoying as we did ask for comments rather than like but i took the likes as people thinking the video was really good so it helped in that respect. we did ask our audience of what they thought of the concept or idea at the crit they said it would make more sense once we had the car time lapse which we showed again and fully understood the idea, i asked my family what they thought of the video and they said that "it was extremly well thought out and you could understand the story really easily" everyone that we showed the video all agreed that the time lapses were really good and almost "brought london to life" said one person they also thought that the editing and the cuts used to make the beats and the cinematography match wee really good and so were the tiled effects during the film, they also thought that the mise-en-scene of the club looked really realistic and could identify what it was straight away as it did not look tacky or poorly done.

Evaluation 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

My groups video had a big dance/clubbing feel to it the way that, the structures of london almost came alive as the way we edited the video made them feel as if they were dancing also the way we created the club scene with the mise-en-scene of the lights and the smoke, and Hayley dancing really defined the video and song as something you would dance to or something you would hear or see in a club.

So i decided to give this feel to my Digipack and poster, i feel i achieved this especially with my Digipack for instance in the video we have our female character dancing in a club so i wanted to help give the music video a club feel so i got an image of people dancing and adjusted the colors to something more vibrant and eye catching almost a theme color so it would feel almost as much as a club as our video then instead of using a women on the cover i used D.J magma our artist to do this i took a photo of a person in a D.J pose an changed the contrast and brightness levels so he could not be seen in some respects i left him mysterious but in others i feel this helped created a club as the dark image helped give the feel of a nightclub as it was pitch black with only a few colors illuminating the room. Another thing i felt i had to get right on the digipack so it would go with the video's club feel as the wrong fault would make the digipack look out of place, so i made the font by giving it a purple neon effect and the effect bevel for the name of the album so it looks really suited as i put it on the D.J's Deck i also decided to make the name of the DJ in a fiery or magma looking font it looks good and gives the album character and emphasises his fiery character. The other images also suit the music video as its more club images that i have changed the color to purple to give it a club feel again like the video this emphasizes the video i feel and our music video and digipack go hand in hand almost. I used the same font for my album songs as i did for the album name which again help create a club feel to the album and match the video, my group decided to go for more of a magma look but i decided against this look as i felt it would not suit the video but more the artist.

My poster is very similar to my digipack it has the same layout as the front of my digipack so it suits my groups music video really well and suits my digipack really well i feel like all three products work together really well, as they all have this similar club feel to them and match each other, The poster and the digipack i feel have their own unique style that match the music video and represent and promote the artist to its audience, i think the way i have made the digipack and poster gives the artist an identity as if he is clubbing and it shows in his music video's, digipack and poster i also feel that all my products represent a presentable and unified image of the artist as a D.J that people will recognize and understand almost like an image for a brand or a logo however this is a style that you can recognize for the artist.

I think that our artist really would appeal to the dance genre for many reasons the way i have represented him in my digipack and poster almost makes him look and appear to care a great deal about this genre as it is how he is represented for instance in a club, with him on some decks and people dancing all around the club, this is a good representation for fans of this genre as the majority of this music is played at clubs so again this would appeal to fans of the genre, i also think our artist would appeal to fans of the genre because of the music video as well the way the music video is very upbeat and almost makes you want to dance through a mix of cuts and time lapse photography i feel that because of this fans of the genre will repeatedly want to watch the music video thus making more fans of this paticular genre, another reason i think the unified image would appeal to our audience as all of our products are of similair look and style my digipack and poster have a big club feel and influence and so does the video so i feel the style will do two things attract the audience to the music and create a uniqe style that is iconography for the audience to know the artist identity much like how bands have logo's and styles.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Evaluation 1

+In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The genre of music my group and i had picked for the music video was dance music as it really appealed to us we felt we could do a lot with it as it has many codes and conventions in it that we could develop or challenge through our music video to make a video that suits but is different to the genre at the same time, i have analyzed many different types of music video from this genre of music such as the prodigy "Invaders must die" and justice "D.A.N.C.E" and this helped me find different genre characteristics to challenge and add to the film.

There are many codes and conventions in music videos that are a must for a video a director can choose to challenge or develop these ingredients Andrew Godwin is a Key writer for the ingrediants for a music video he argues that most music video's will challenge or develop six key conventions, they are.

  1. Music video demonstrates genre characteristics (E.G stage performance in rock videos)

  2. There is a relationship between music and lyrics aplifies, illustrates, contradicts.

  3. There is a relationship between music and visuals, aplifies, illustrates, contradicts.

  4. Demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist may develop motifs which recur across thier work a visula style.

  5. There is frequently the notion of looking (screens within screen, telescopes ect) and paticularly voyeristic views of the female body

  6. There is often an intertextual reference (Film, tv, other music videoes.
One of the conventions i have noticed in this genre is that a majority of the videos video's agree with the Godwin theory that the music matches with the video as all the videos i have analyzed from this genre the music and a lot of the lyrics match up with the video which is a convention we have tried to develop this convention as in our video the way we have edited it is as if the song and the video were made for each other and the beat matches cuts we have made so the beat matches with the video we have also made our actor lip sync so it matches the lyrics and again goes with the the Godwin theory as it looks like the video and the song are one. So overall the video and the song match also just the way the beat goes and the places we have filmed match each other as the way the lights are on iconic structures makes the song almost look like its bringing London life.

Another convention that we developed in our music video is that all the videos i have watched from this genre they make you want to dance it may not be a convention but it is something i have noticed about the majority of the dance video's for instance the use of lights and colours and certain cuts in the animated video makes you want to dance its not some clever secret message you have to analyse it just some animated shirts that makes you want to dance.

Another convention we have tried or in my opinion have followed is something that Andrew Godwin mentions in his theory is that a video and the music and lyrics match for instance when the women of our son say "and i close my eyes now" hayley closes her eyes and falls on a bed as if ready to dream also the way certain scenes mix with the song for instance lights change colours and match the beat, there are many other parts of our song that do this and develop this convention.

One convention we challenged that i feel is a convention and Andrew Godwin comments on as well is that an artist has to be in their video however we have not put an artist into our film we have just an actor so the artist is not the focal concern which i have noticed with many video's of many different genres even our own genre they do this however we decided to go against it, i think this was a smart decision as it would have not matched the video however Andrew Godwin did say that some video's are voyeristic of the female body i feel this is the case in our video a lot of our video is based around watching a girl dance so in that respect we have not challenged this convention but challenged the convention of having the artist in it.

Another convention that Andrew Godwin mentions that we have challenged is in our video there is no intertextual references to anything its all our video something new we did not do this intentionally i guess you could count London as an intertextual reference to Britain. The genre that our music comes from is like any genre with intertextual references for instance not every video has one it all depends on wether the reference and the video mix or suit each other like Dance the video on my blog has many references to Michael Jackson because they fit into the song and the video.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Music video Final

This is our finished music video, for media it has taken a long time but we are really proud of it.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New time lapse (car time lapse)

We have finally filmed the time lapse of the car in london which has come out in a really high quality and looks really good and completely goes with our film and gives the video this feel she is traveling through her dream i need to get the photos to upload from tommy.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our artists DJ magma poster

This is the poster i have made for My media artist it is similar to my digipack as it shared the same color scheme and images however it is different and more like a poster as it shows dates and the album name and is advertising the artist.